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Pioneering a
New Class of
Wireless Coverage

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High performance 4G & 5G coverage designed specifically for enterprise.

Users expect to have high quality mobile connectivity within their buildings, anywhere at any time.

About Antevia 

Antevia is pioneering a new class of in-building wireless coverage that embraces virtualized radio access network innovation (vRAN), and is underpinned by flexible and open architecture defined by the O-RAN standards (Open RAN). Antevia provides cost-effective in-building cellular wireless communications through an intelligent cloud-based virtual open platform optimized for indoor deployments.

What does this mean for end-users?

Seamless mobile coverage.

Time to forget those instances of seeking out the prime indoor location to have phone calls or use data on mobile devices. Important conference calls with corporate office won't suddenly drop due to poor coverage or interference issues with their corporate office. What does this mean for you, the IT leader, system integrator, consultant or building owner? Your customers will have complete confidence in the in-building communication services you are providing throughout your site or estate.

An IT-friendly, turnkey approach

Simple to deploy across floors, whole buildings or multi-site estates.

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Why Now, and What’s Different?

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5G is driving the evolution to vRAN and Open RAN architectures which significantly change the wireless industry landscape, as RAN deployments no longer require tight integration with legacy Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). 5G and new spectrum allocations are driving the growth of Private Cellular Networks (PCN) that operate on both licensed and unlicensed spectrum while requiring technology and solutions that lower the economic and complexity barriers to deployment. 

Open RAN (O-RAN) standardization is driving more choice, lower equipment costs and innovation. Network virtualization is accelerating - from core to edge. With Antevia, the enterprise can take full advantage of these emerging technoloiges. 

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Partnerships and collaboration are of critical importance when it comes to the deployment and operation of virtualized open networks.


Antevia is actively looking to grow its ecosystem with esteemed partners, to help in its goal of revolutionizing the cellular industry.

To learn more about Antevia, and join our ever-growing community,

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