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Taking the brakes off 5G private network deployments for small and medium-sized enterprises

Updated: May 29, 2023

Wireless 4G and 5G networks have been prohibitively expensive and too complex for the vast majority of enterprises which could benefit from the new 5G private spectrum that is now available. So far, 5G private networks have been the preserve of only the largest multinationals with large in-house IT teams and equally large budgets to spend on the equipment and services.

With the latest versions of the O-RAN specifications and the recent launch of new ORAN compliant silicon chipsets, those barriers of cost and complexity are starting to come down. At Antevia Networks, we believe that by designing products from the ground up to match the requirements of small and medium enterprises, the cost of the 5G Radio Access Network can be brought down to something that is more comparable to enterprise grade WiFi network costs, but with the benefits of 5G private networking.

To address complexity of a 5G radio access network, Antevia Networks are working with an ecosystem of partners to collaborate on a solution that simplifies the radio environment to create shared cells. The O-RAN definition of shared cells removes the complexity of optimising the RF environment by managing mobility within the radio access network. This approach significantly reduces time and costs it takes to maintain a stable radio environment suitable for connectivity between mission critical applications.

Antevia Network’s approach to 5G private networks simplifies the network complexity at a cost that opens up many more use cases and is affordable for the many enterprises that could benefit from inbuilding 5G wireless networking.

Resource Contributors: Alex Smith VP of Product Management

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